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Applying the Sales Funnel to your participation in Duikvaker

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Duikvaker offers an excellent opportunity to promote your products or services and to acquire new customers. The sales funnel can be useful in driving visitors to the point where they make a purchase or show further interest in your offerings. A sales funnel, also known as a sales funnel, is a way of describing the process customers go through from the first contact with your product or service to the moment they actually buy something.

The word "funnel" is used because there are a lot of people at the beginning of the process who might be interested in what you offer (the wide top of the funnel), but that number gets smaller and smaller as people go through the process and eventually buy something (the narrow bottom of the funnel).

The basic steps of a sales funnel

The basic steps of a sales funnel are:

  • awareness
  • interest
  • consideration
  • action
  • aftercare

You can apply these steps well during the preparations for your exhibition participation, the exhibition itself and after the Duikvaker exhibition:


In the first phase of the channel you make trade fair visitors aware of your brand. Before the show you can use social media, email marketing and your website to announce that you will be attending the show and what visitors can expect at your stand. Think of special offers, product demonstrations, or a preview of new products.

Interest (Interest)

Once the fair has opened, you want visitors to come to your booth. This can be done by having an attractive stand, captivating displays on your stand, and a clear message that communicates your brand and offer. You can also organize events on the stand, such as live demonstrations, lectures or possibly a competition or lottery.


Now that the visitors have arrived at your stand, it is time to convince them that your brand, your store or your diving school is the best choice. This can be done by giving product demonstrations, showing moving images, providing detailed information and/or answering questions. Make sure you have knowledgeable and helpful staff at the stand to do this.

Action (Action)

This is the final stage of the channel where you want the visitor to make a purchase, fill out a form for more information, sign up for a newsletter, or engage with you in some other way. This can be promoted through special trade offers, welcome gifts or free samples.

Aftercare (Aftercare)

After the exhibition you have to maintain the followed up leads. Send them a thank you email, offer them extra information or keep them informed about new products or services. This will keep you in touch and keep the opportunity open for future sales.

An example

You can start right away with the first step. Below we give a few examples of how you can apply the awareness phase to attract the attention of exhibition visitors:

Website: Update your website with information about the upcoming fair. Add details such as the date, time, location and booth number. You can also create a special landing page for the exhibition where you provide more information about what visitors can expect at your stand. For example: “Come visit us at booth 123 at the Duikvaker. We will showcase our newest product line and give interesting demonstrations. Do not miss it!"

Email marketing: Send a newsletter to your existing customers and subscribers with information about your participation in Duikvaker 2024. Tell them what to expect when they visit your stand and entice them with exclusive exhibition offers or give aways.

Social media: Use your social media channels to spread the message. Post regular updates on your preparations for the show, teasers of what will be on display at your booth, and possibly share photos or videos of your team getting ready for the event. Also use relevant hashtags related to the fair to increase your visibility. The hashtag for Dive More 2024 is #DV24

Press Releases and Blog Post: If you have a blog or have connections with media, you can write a press release or blog post about your participation in the fair. Give a preview of the products you will be showing and what visitors can expect. Please also contact DuikeninBeeld. This website can support you in this.

Paid advertising: Consider using paid advertisements on social media to increase your reach and inform more people about your presence on the Duikvaker.

The main goal in this phase is to reach as many people as possible and inform them about your presence at the exhibition, while also building enthusiasm and anticipation around what they can experience when they visit your stand.


In short, the sales funnel is an important model for streamlining the process from attracting potential customers to converting those leads into actual buyers. Applying the funnel to the Duikvaker fair can help you strategically approach visitors and ultimately guide them towards a purchase or engagement with your brand. It does require an approach that is flexible enough to respond individually to the needs and phases of each visitor. Furthermore, the promotion prior to Duikvaker is equally important to build awareness and anticipation. Finally, even after the trade show, it is important to continue to nurture and nurture the leads followed up for future sales. It is this strategic approach and continuous effort that can guarantee a successful exhibition participation.

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