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    Opening hours

    Saturday 1-2-2025 10 am - 6 pm

    Sunday 2-2-2025 10 am - 5 pm


    Expo Houten

    Meidoornkade 24

    3992 AE HOUTEN

    The Netherlands

    Top Dive Destinations on Duikvaker 2025

    Duikvaker 2025 presents a wide range of enchanting travel destinations for diving enthusiasts. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, the fair offers unforgettable experiences for everyone. Meet travel agents or book directly with dive schools, dive resorts or hotels present at the fair. Unsure of your choice? Attend one of the informative presentations given during the event.

    Discover some of the most exciting destinations on offer at Duikvaker 2025:

    Indonesia: Colorful Coral Reefs and Rich Marine Life

    Explore the colorful coral reefs and rich marine life of Bali, Raja Ampat and Komodo. Dive among manta rays, sharks and turtles, and discover some of the most biodiverse waters in the world.

    Egypt: Adventure and Breathtaking Underwater Landscapes in the Red Sea

    Dive into the Red Sea and discover beautiful coral gardens, impressive wrecks and fascinating caves. From Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghada, the Red Sea is a paradise for divers seeking adventure and breathtaking underwater scenery.

    Curaçao: Enchanting Underwater World in the Caribbean

    Discover the enchanting underwater world around this Caribbean island, with its vibrant coral reefs, playful dolphins and historic shipwrecks. The calm and crystal clear waters of Curaçao are ideal for divers of all levels.

    Galápagos: Unique and Pristine Diving Experience

    Dive into the unique and protected waters of the Galápagos Islands, where you can encounter rare and endemic species such as the Galápagos shark, hammerhead sharks and marine iguanas. This destination is perfect for divers seeking a truly unique and pristine diving experience.

    Maldives: Tropical Paradise With Luxury Liveaboards

    Enjoy the luxury of a liveaboard and dive among the alluring atoll reefs of the Maldives. Swim with whale sharks, manta rays and sea turtles, and admire the colorful coral gardens this tropical paradise has to offer.

    Bonaire: Breathtaking Beauty in the Bonaire National Marine Park

    Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Bonaire National Marine Park, known for its pristine coral reefs and incredible biodiversity.

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    Discover innovations and new products

    Duikvaker 2025, the fair for diving enthusiasts, offers an extensive range of stands and presentations where you can discover the latest innovations, products and technologies from the leading brands in the diving industry. Whether you are looking for new diving equipment, are interested in the latest developments or simply want to gain inspiration, Duikvaker has it all.

    All leading brands from the diving industry are represented at Duikvaker. Visit the stands and discover their latest products and services. Benefit from the available expertise and be informed about the latest diving trends.

    New products and technologies: firsts at Duikvaker 2025

    Duikvaker 2025 is the event where exhibitors introduce their latest products and technologies. Discover the scoops in the diving industry and stay informed of the latest developments and innovations. Visit the stands and be surprised by the latest diving equipment, dive computers, underwater cameras and more.

    Product presentations: Learn about diving equipment

    In addition to the many stands, Duikvaker 2025 also offers a series of interesting product presentations. Learn directly from the experts about the latest products, their functionalities and the benefits they offer. These presentations are ideal for divers who want to increase their knowledge and learn more about the latest diving equipment.

    Dive shops at Duikvaker 2025: Buy your diving equipment on site

    At Duikvaker 2025 you will also find various stands with diving shops where you can purchase your diving equipment on site. Take advantage of special trade fair offers and purchase your new equipment, accessories or replacement parts. Take this opportunity to upgrade or expand your diving equipment.

    Visit Duikvaker 2025 and discover the wonderful world of diving.

    Information about Dive Training and Specialties

    Divevaker 2025 is not only an event for diving enthusiasts interested in travel and equipment, but also an excellent opportunity to learn more about diving training and obtaining specialties. Almost all well-known training organizations in the Netherlands are represented at the fair, ready to help you increase your diving skills and knowledge.

    Visit the stands of the various training organizations and diving schools to learn more about the different diving courses and specialties they offer. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver looking to expand your skills, there are options for everyone.

    Start Diving: Beginner's Dive Course

    If you are new to diving or are interested in exploring the underwater world, training organizations and dive schools offer training to help you become familiar with diving equipment, techniques and safety procedures.

    Increase Your Diving Skills: Specialties for Experienced Divers

    For experienced divers who want to increase their skills and knowledge, various specialties are available. Consider, for example, deep diving, wreck diving, underwater photography, or the use of nitrox. Visit the stands to find out more about the possibilities and to register for a course or specialty.

    Make Diving Your Profession: Become a Dive Instructor

    Have you ever thought about making diving your profession? Duikvaker 2025 is the ideal place to obtain information about training to become a diving instructor. Talk to professionals and diving schools about the requirements, training process and career options as a diving instructor.

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    Exhibition floor plan

    To make your visit to Duikvaker 2025 as smooth and efficient as possible, we offer you a handy exhibition map. This map gives you a clear overview of the layout of the fair, including the location of stands, presentation areas, dining options and other facilities.

    The exhibition map will help you find your way around the event and ensure that you don't miss any of the stands, presentations or workshops on your wish list. Consult the map regularly during your visit to make the most of your time at Duikvaker 2025 and get the most out of your experience.

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    As an exhibition organization, The Exhibition Company has 25 years of experience in organizing events. Thanks to the knowledge, people and techniques that we have in house, we get the most out of a trade fair participation for the exhibitor and the visitor. Not only the transfer of knowledge is central, but also to enthuse and connect exhibitors and visitors.


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    Do you have questions about Duikvaker 2025? In our FAQ section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the event, such as ticket information, location, accessibility and more. We have collected the most frequently asked questions from visitors to help you plan your visit to Duikvaker.


    At Duikvaker, our visitors and exhibitors can park for free. There are over 2,000 parking spaces available. Most of them are right in front of the entrance, but all of them are within a short walking distance from the exhibition building.

    Youth up to 16 years old do not have to pay to visit the fair. An entrance ticket must be ordered.

    Duikvaker is a busy fair with crowded aisles. We do not recommend bringing dogs to the exhibition.

    Most exhibitors have a card payment terminal at their booth. There are no ATMs available inside the exhibition building.

    Duikvaker is organized by The Exhibition Company. More information about The Exhibition Company can be found on our website.


    You can easily order your admission ticket through us ticket system.

    If you have not received a ticket, it is very possible that it ended up in your SPAM folder. If the email with the link to your ticket cannot be found in the SPAM folder, you can contact us until January 25 at We will then send the admission ticket directly to you. 

    After January 25, we can no longer send the tickets manually. You can then pick up your admission ticket at the visitors desk during the fair. You will find this counter directly at the entrance of Duikvaker.

    You can also take your ticket with you on your phone or tablet. Our ticket scanners can also read the tickets from a screen.

    It is possible to purchase an entrance ticket at the door during the fair. The price for an entrance ticket is €16.50. We request that you use your debit card as much as possible.

    Most exhibitors have a card payment terminal at their booth. There are no ATMs available inside the exhibition building.

    Youth up to 16 years old have free access to Duikvaker.

    Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show

    Duikvaker is the diving fair for every diver and snorkeler. Duikvaker is being organized for the 33rd time - a complete event with a diving fair, workshops, presentations and food courts. A weekend full of experience and inspiration for everyone who enjoys diving and snorkeling and is passionate about the underwater world.

    Duikvaker will take place in 2025

    • Saturday, February 1 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m
    • Sunday February 2 from 10am - 5pm

    at Expo Houten.

    The entrance fee is €16.50 per person. 

    We are convinced that a pleasant day also includes good food and drinks. There are various food courts with delicious dishes on the exhibition floor.

    There is an unattended cloakroom. You can hang up coats at your own risk.


    There are 5 internships on Duikvaker in which lectures take place about travel destinations, photography, diving materials and the underwater world. In addition, there are themed tables at the Duiken in Beeld stand and there is a stage where all kinds of activities take place. All program components at Duikvaker can be followed free of charge for fair visitors.

    No, you can attend a lecture without pre-registration.

    No, the presentations are not shared. A number of presentations are shared via a Livestream which can be viewed afterwards.

    Expo Houten

    A detailed route description to Expo Houten can be found at

    Expo Houten has a wheelchair available. This is available to a limited extent, so it is useful to contact Expo Houten in advance via

    Yes, parking spaces are available right next to the entrance. Please contact for this


    Visitors and exhibitors can use free WiFi.

    Hotel Houten is located near Expo Houten. The hotel's website is

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    Opening hours

    Saturday 1-2-2025 10 am - 6 pm

    Sunday 2-2-2025 10 am - 5 pm


    Expo Houten

    Meidoornkade 24

    3992 AE HOUTEN

    The Netherlands

    Duikvaker is organized by The Exhibition Company •
    IBAN: NL77 RABO 0341 4557 41 • Chamber of Commerce: Utrecht 30122269 • VAT: 803128046B01