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Version 3| January 8, 2024

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How can you reserve a place at Duikvaker 2025? Everything you need to know about registration and participation options

Duikvaker 2025 is the event for diving enthusiasts and professionals in the diving industry. Here we explain how you can reserve a place at Duikvaker 2025 and what options are available to make your participation as smooth as possible.

1. Fill in the registration form: your first step towards a successful participation

To confirm your participation in Duikvaker 2025, first complete the registration form. Here you enter your company details and contact information so that we can keep you informed of important information and updates about the event. Make sure you complete all required fields so that your registration goes smoothly.

2. Choose the right package: different options to make your participation easier

When you fill in the registration form, you will be given the opportunity to choose from different packages. These packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of exhibitors and make your participation as easy as possible. Below we list the available options:

  • Basic package: In this package you only rent the floor space and you build your stand yourself. This is a good option if you already have an existing stand or if you have a specific design in mind.

  • Shell Scheme: If you prefer a ready-made solution, you can opt for a system mode. This package contains stand construction with walls and a frieze and with basic facilities, such as lighting, electricity and furniture. You can further personalize this stand with your own promotional material.

  • Custom stand construction: For exhibitors who want a completely unique and custom-made stand, we offer the option of custom-made stand construction. With this package you work together with our partners to create your dream stand.

Reserve your stand for Duikvaker 2025

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Duikvaker 2025 promises to be another great event for diving enthusiasts. With an extensive range of exhibitors and speakers, an inspiring lecture program and attention to the conservation of the underwater world, this is the event to attend for anyone who loves diving. Don't miss it on February 1 and 2, 2025 in Expo Houten!

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