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Wanderlust Dive Center: Your New Dive Paradise on Bonaire

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Wanderlust Dive Center begins a new chapter in its existence. After years of enthusiastically organizing diving adventures and training in Emmen, Stephan and Linda Velema choose a new course. This summer they are moving their SSI dive center to an absolute dream destination: Bonaire.

A New Adventure in a Breathtaking Destination

From July 1 you will find Wanderlust Dive Center on one of the most beautiful islands in the world: Bonaire. Here awaits a diving paradise with crystal clear water, enchanting coral reefs, colorful fish and breathtaking underwater landscapes. It is the ultimate destination for both novice and advanced divers, eager to broaden their horizons and explore the underwater world.

What Does Wanderlust Dive Center Offer You?

Bee Wanderlust Dive Center we offer a wide range of diving services including:

  • SSI Basic and Specialty courses: Allows you to develop your diving skills and learn new aspects of diving.
  • SSI Professional courses: With these courses you can turn your passion for diving into a professional career.
  • SSI Extended Range courses: For the more experienced divers who want to dive deeper and go further than ever before.
  • Guide dives: Discover the wonders of the underwater world of Bonaire together with our experienced dive guides.
  • Rental and sale of top quality Mares diving equipment: We offer a wide range of top quality diving equipment so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable diving experience.
  • Rental of the Mares Horizon: This semi-closed rebreather (SCR) offers an incredibly long dive time with nitrox. It is the perfect piece of equipment for adventurous divers looking for new challenges.

Discover Hidden Gems with Wanderlust Dive Center

Stephan and Linda can hardly wait to personally welcome you to their new home. They are happy to take you on a journey of discovery to the hidden gems of Bonaire. 'Join the pioneers' is not for nothing the slogan of Wanderlust Dive Center. With Stephan and Linda you go beyond the well-known dive sites and discover the underwater world in a unique and personal way.

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