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Use our downloads for a successful exhibition participation

On this website we have put together a page with available downloads especially for you to optimally promote your exhibition participation. By using these ready-to-use graphic files, you can make your presence known at the exhibition in a simple and effective way and attract more visitors to your stand.

Available downloads


We offer various logos that you can use to integrate the Duikvaker house style into your communication. These logos are designed to increase the recognisability of the event and to make your target group enthusiastic about participating in the exhibition.


The available banners are perfect to place on your website, in your email signature or on social media. They are designed to stand out and to draw extra attention to your exhibition participation.

Email signatures

Our email signatures are specially designed to easily add to your emails to promote your trade show participation. By using them, you show that you are present at Duikvaker and you enthuse your target group to visit your stand.

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How do you use the downloads?

Website integration

Integrate the logos and banners on your website to announce your exhibition participation. Place them in a prominent place so that visitors to your website are immediately aware of your presence on Duikvaker.

Email marketing

Add the e-mail signatures to your e-mails and incorporate the banners into your newsletters. In this way you inform your contacts in a professional and eye-catching way about your participation in the exhibition.

social media

Share the banners and logos on your social media channels to inform your followers about your exhibition participation. This provides extra exposure and can lead to more visitors to your stand.

Printed matter and advertisements

Use the logos and banners in your printed materials, such as flyers and posters, or in advertisements. This increases the recognisability of your exhibition participation and helps to attract more visitors to your stand.