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Create a unique brand experience during Duikvaker

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Duikvaker is a “live event”. You meet your target group in real life and that offers many opportunities for interaction. How can you give visitors an unforgettable memory of your exhibition participation during Duikvaker? Here are some examples you can apply to your stand:

Interactive product demonstrations

Instead of just showing your products, you also offer an experience at the stand. This can be a virtual reality experience, or you can, for example, show what the technology is used in your product. If you participate with the diving school, you can, for example, provide a live connection, so that visitors have contact with your staff or can enjoy the view live.

Bauma example Diver
Example of an eye-catcher on your stand.

Striking stand design

You can change your stand to a place where you can move in another world. If you offer a travel destination, you can, for example, create a mini beach setup with sand and sea sounds.

Photo opportunities

Create a photogenic space on your stand for visitors to take photos. This could be a branded backdrop (with your logo), a themed photo booth, or an Instagram-worthy setting. Encourage visitors to share the photos on social media for added brand visibility.

Caterpillar at Bauma in Munich

Exciting competitions or a quiz

Games and competitions are a fun and interactive way to keep visitors on your stand for a longer period of time. These can be different games or quizzes, ranging from a lottery, the wheel of fortune to a quiz about your product or the origin of your diving school.

Meet & Greet with famous divers

Arrange a meeting with a renowned diver or an authority on underwater photography or technical diving. Visitors to Duikvaker are always looking for extra knowledge and these encounters ensure that visitors stay longer at the stand.

Theme Stands

Create a stand that reflects an atmosphere that fits your brand or product. 

  1. You can create an underwater world by using visual elements such as coral, seaweed and sea creatures to transform your booth into an underwater paradise. You may even have a few screens showing videos from some of the destinations you offer.
  2. You can create a large, interactive map highlighting the dive destinations you offer. Visitors can then zoom in on a location to learn more about diving conditions, marine life and other relevant information.
  3. Use virtual reality technology to give visitors an almost realistic diving experience with products you offer.
  4. During a presentation at your stand you can introduce a new product, present the highlights of different dive destinations, give tips for dive trips, or discuss sustainability at destinations.
  5. Your booth can act as a meeting place for divers, where they can share their experiences, give advice and make contacts. You could offer comfortable chairs and a coffee machine to encourage people to stay at the booth.

Workshops or Mini Seminars

Offering educational value can make your booth valuable. Hold short workshops or seminars at your booth on topics related to your product.

We hope to have given you enough inspiration with this. If you have any questions about the possibilities, please contact us. Good luck with the preparations.

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