Meet Scubapro at Duikvaker!


SCUBAPRO has participated in all the major shows around the world and is really looking forward to meeting divers at the Dutch DUIKVAKER Show!

SCUBAPRO is the most iconic brand of diving equipment in the world – made by and for divers with a passion for what's underwater. Founded in 1963 by Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin, SCUBAPRO sets the industry standard for SCUBAPRO innovation, performance, reliability and durability. The company's products combine advanced technologies and intuitive, modern designs so divers can focus on the dive itself, not their equipment. In the SCUBAPRO range, both recreational and professional divers will find industry-leading regulators, dive computers, BCDs and wetsuits plus a full line of masks, fins, snorkels, dive bags, accessories and clothing. SCUBAPRO, part of Johnson Outdoors, Inc., employs more than 400 diving enthusiasts in 17 locations across 13 countries and 4 continents. Knowing more? Take a look around our website or join the global SCUBAPRO community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The name SCUBAPRO, the brand 'for divers and by divers' has been another word for quality and innovation for 60 years, and this will be no different in the future. Since the SCUBAPRO brand was born, it has been known for its advanced engineering, research and development of products that have — from time to time — revolutionized the way we dive.

We look forward to meeting you at the Duikvaker 2024. We can be found at stand 1c6. Our Dutch and international team is ready to answer all your questions about our equipment and we would love to hear more about your diving experiences and adventures.

Come see our latest products such as the G3 watch computer, our colored blades for the recently released Supernova modular fins, the new colors of our Go Sport Gorilla fins (stiffer than the Go Sport), our new X-Black BCD and our new MK11 EVO / C370 regulator set. We also have a beautiful neoprene, Diamond Span, lined 'Boat Coat' that will be the envy of any diver, to keep you warm before and after diving.

SEAWING SUPERNOVAS - New colored Supernova and S-Tek blades

Our new colored sheets are perfect to personalize your diving look!

SCUBAPRO's Seawing Supernova is the next generation of powerful SCUBAPRO fins. The new Seawing Supernova, for which SCUBAPRO won the prestigious, internationally recognized Red Dot Award for product design, is the superlative of the Seawing

Nova in performance, construction, fit and use. The Seawing Supernova is the high-quality fin for enthusiastic recreational and professional divers who want to be able to count on maximum speed, power and control under all diving conditions.

SCUBAPRO's S-Tek line of equipment for technical divers has been expanded once again. This time with the S-Tek Fin, a next-gen fin that was specially developed for tech diving and gives you maximum power when you need it. The fin is made of Monprene®, which stands for optimal durability, and has a particularly streamlined shape. The blade of the S-Tek Fin is already at an angle of 30º, so it has to bend less to achieve the desired angle for an efficient stroke. The blade is therefore slightly stiffer without creating more resistance. This reduces the risk of leg cramps and overloaded ankles, while you are unprecedentedly agile and you can make various fin strokes with this fin. The S-Tek Fin is truly excellent for the frog kick, swimming backwards and helicopter turns. And with the crawl stroke you can go in any direction.

New X-Black BCD: see a sneak preview at the Duikvaker show:

The premium X-Black front-adjustable BC from SCUBAPRO has an excellent reputation among recreational and commercial divers for its high quality, many functions and enormous buoyancy. In terms of buoyancy and design, nothing has changed on the X-Black 2024. What has changed is that the air chamber is now made of high quality 420 denier nylon with PU coating on the inside and 840 denier nylon on the outside. These two materials are high-frequency welded together and then extensively tested to determine whether the air chamber can withstand external influences under extreme conditions - the BC excels in weight and wear resistance. What is also new is that the The epaulettes on the shoulders have been redesigned – for durability and safety, they are now elastic instead of Velcro. The padding of the backpack has also been restyled and now features the well-known SCUBAPRO logo. The cummerbund and adjustable harness are even more streamlined thanks to Airnet®

Go Sport Gorilla New: orange and black

The Gorilla, which is similar in design to the GO Sport fin, has a slightly stiffer blade and is equipped with a heavy bungee strap. The fin gives divers that little bit more power under difficult conditions. For rescue and commercial divers, this is a great choice.

  • Monprene® blade – stiffer for experienced divers.
  • The 'Boot-Fit' design with open heel features an improved heavy-duty bungee strap so that the fin always fits properly, no matter what shoes you wear.
  • The blade is at an angle of 25º to the foot pocket; thanks to the Central Power Panel it retains its rigidity and the water is channeled.
  • The ribs on the underside prevent the blade from bending too far - the blade remains at an optimal angle.
  • With black profile on the heel and black ribs.

BOAT COAT-and other new neoprene accessories that complete your diving experience.

You don't have to be underwater to benefit from neoprene's excellent thermal properties. The Boat Coat is a premium warm jacket designed to protect you from cold and wet weather while on board the dive boat or walking along the coast.

  • Everflex Neoprene: water-repellent, wear-resistant
  • Hood with drawstrings for an optimal fit
  • Three zippered pockets for safe storage of your valuables
  • Protection against cold and wet weather on the dive boat or on the coast

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