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Everyone has had a hard time donning their diving fins, whether on a wobbly boat or on an overcrowded zodiac. Finclip solves this problem.

Finclip is an accessory specially designed to put on the most popular models of diving fins with exceptional ease, without bending over or using your hands.

Finclip comes in a set of 3 kits:

  • Main body is available in 3 colors
  • Elastic is available in 3 lengths
  • Bonds: Common or Atomic

Using Finclip is extremely simple.

Once the foot is in the fin, it is enough to gently push on the heel. The cursor moves up and the elastic pushes the heel piece against the ankle. It only takes a few seconds and you can enter the water.


Finclip attaches to the base of the diving fin with a serrated clamp that holds the accessory securely in place while diving. 

The clamp is linked to an ergonomic heel piece. It features a grooved track and a sliding cursor. The elastic runs through the cursor and is attached to the fin with 2 bindings. 

Attaching Finclip to the diving fin is very easy:

The clamp is secured to the rear end of the fin by tightening the screws.

So no changes need to be made to the diving fin.

Once the elastic is hooked to the fin, Finclip can be used immediately.


An adjustable sliding blade allows the position of the heel piece to be adapted to the distance between the end of the fin and the heel of the diver.


This arrangement, combined with an elastic that can be varied in length, allows Finclip to be used regardless of the size and model of the diving fin

The Finclip team is happy to welcome you during Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show 432 to try Finclip and provide more information. If you want more information, take a look at their website.

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