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'Cressi has a love for water sports and life underwater'


Enki-Support is the representative for the Italian brand Cressi in the Netherlands. 'It is a special company. When I pick up the phone, I get owner Antonio Cressi directly on the line," says Erik Dorrepaal, owner of Enki-Support. He supplies products to retailers in close collaboration with Cressi. 'But it goes beyond selling products. I offer service and share my knowledge.'

With a background in the clothing industry, Erik can provide good support to retailers. 'The professionalism in that sector is very high. You take that experience with you. Not only about the presentation of products, but also the knowledge that retailers can transfer to customers.' The great strength of Enki-Support is mainly in the vision. 'Cressi fits in seamlessly with that. The company has a love for water sports, but is also committed to life underwater. They stick to sustainable principles.'

For Erik, sustainability is an important pillar within diving. His love for the profession started as a hobby. 'In '88 I was introduced to diving. That addiction has stuck.' After several years of work experience in diving, he founded Enki-Support five years ago. 'The material just has to be right and that's just the case with Cressi.'

The quality of Cressi is high because the company mainly produces products in its own factory or under its own management in Genoa. They therefore have the quality control in their own hands. 'I don't always get Antonio Cressi on the phone. Despite his age of 71, Antonio is still in the water several days a week. After all, nothing goes out without having tested it', Erik says with a laugh.

Due to the Italian roots of the company, there is also a good design. 'Italians are great at that, but Cressi is also resourceful.' For example, the brand was the first producer with a full-face snorkel mask. Erik will be presenting several new products from the company during the fair. 'It's not necessarily completely new, but the implementation is one of a kind.'

Erik himself will be on the stand during the fair. 'It is one of the few moments that I can transfer my knowledge directly to the consumer. That gives me the opportunity to tell more about the thinking behind Cressi and what makes the products so unique.' According to Erik, that is sometimes difficult in a store. 'The message does not always get across to the customer because shopkeepers there deal with different brands. I can focus completely on Cressi.'

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