Divewise Technical Diving: 'Safety and attitude is the highest good'


DiveWise Technical Diving in Beuningen offers technical diver training at all levels. 'Recreational diving stops at 40 meters, but deeper are also very interesting diving targets such as wrecks, caves and archaeological objects', says owner Jos Smits. The most important good in his training is safety and attitude. "Skills and knowledge can teach divers."

Jos has been active in the diving business for 37 years and sees his diving school as a hobby that got out of hand. That says nothing about professionalism, by the way: 'it concerns informative, enjoyable lessons that students can relate to and where there is room for their own input. These courses are only for divers with the right attitude. 'During an intake we check whether my vision suits the student and whether they agree with it. It is important that they can handle this responsibly.'

Jos's passion for conveying his craft started thirty years ago. He first gained a lot of diving experience at home and abroad and in the following years followed courses to become an instructor and Instructor Trainer. "I found out that I found it even more fun to pass the virus on to someone else." In 2004 he started diving facility DiveWise Technical Diving. He specialized as a trainer for technical divers and instructors. Today he also provides instructor training for the JJ-CCR rebreather.

Reusing 'air'
JJ-CCR is one of the best known players in the field of rebreathers worldwide. Technical diving to greater depths can be done more efficiently and safely with this device than with open circuit equipment. The JJ-CCR rebreathers reuse breathing gas from a closed system.

'Technical diving sometimes goes very deep. When you dive deep, you run into technical and physical limits.'
Those limits sometimes force divers to use other equipment. 'Compressed air bottles quickly become too bulky and become very heavy.' DiveWise wants to meet this need for students and has been an importer of JJ-CCR products within the Benelux since 2008. The JJ-CCR was launched in 2010 by a Danish manufacturer. The products are extremely durable, simple, safe and flexible.

The smart device makes optimal use of the remaining usable oxygen content in the gas that divers exhale. 'When we breathe air, we only use 4 percent of the oxygen content at a time.' By using a closed circuit, the oxygen content is used very efficiently. 'It is interesting for the technical diver who wants to dive deeper', explains Jos.

Diving trade fair
This year Jos will be at the Duikvakerbeurs for the eighth time with DiveWise Technical Diving. There he explains to visitors more about the JJ-CCR and the various training courses that DiveWise offers. 'But we also have the JJ-CCR rebreathers on our stand and are happy to explain more about these products.'

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