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SCUBAPRO promises big news!


Big news from SCUBAPRO! Not now, but on Duikvaker. Martine Grethe, sales manager of SCUBAPRO in the Netherlands and Flanders, laughs: “No, I am not allowed to say anything yet, but it is remarkable. Come and visit Duikvaker!”

SCUBAPRO is again this year in Hall 1 of Duikvaker. And although Martine can't bring the big news yet, she can lift other tips of the veil. Such as which new and recently launched products of the A-brand will be shown on Duikvaker.

Heads up!

Of course the HUD, the innovative dive computer with the Heads-Up Display. Last Duikvaker she was able to present the prototype, but in recent months the dive computer has become available. “We are very happy that the diver is embracing this product. There is certainly a lot of interest from the professional side,” says Martine. Professional divers doing work don't have to let go of their work to look at their dive computer, much safer. But what about people with disabilities? “We have heard from several divers with disabilities that the HUD makes diving much easier for them. They just have to look up.” Photographers and videographers also react enthusiastically: they can keep their focus on the subject and still know exactly where they stand.

head-up display (HUD) dive computer


But there is more news. The American brand, which has been a leader for more than 50 years, is releasing two new watch computers. The A1 for the occasional underwater diver, and the A2 for the advanced diver and also for the technical and rebreather diver. A dive computer that you can wear above water as a stylish watch.

Another must see and feel is the new Hydros X BC. Using the same rubber-only concept as the Hydros, but front-adjustable. Long awaited and now here is the successor to the famous D400 regulator – the D420. Also a new concept designed by SCUBAPRO is the D-mask with UV420 lenses: the mask brim is available in different sizes and easy to change, as are the different colored frames and the prescription lenses. The K2 undersuits are now also available as a women's line. And there's more!

MK25 D420

Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show

“Duivaker is a great meeting place for people who are engaged in their hobby or profession. For us as a brand, this fair has absolute added value. It is also the moment that we, as a manufacturer, have direct contact with the user of our products.” At the SCUBAPRO stand you can freely ask questions and give feedback as a diver. The SCUBAPRO employees, most of them divers themselves, look forward to interacting with (future) users of their products every year. “We share the passion and enthusiasm of the divers and all we want is for them to dive safely and have fun.”
And the big news… unfortunately. You really have to visit the SCUBAPRO booth at Duikvaker 2020!

More info and products from SCUBAPRO can be found on the website: www.scubapro.com.

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