Join the Navy on Duikvaker!

Marine Diver

Anyone who enters Hall 1 at Duikvaker 2020 cannot ignore it! As in previous years, the Defense Diving Group is also present this time with divers, equipment and the diving tank. Worth a look!

LTZ2OC Stefan Groenwold, Head of Specialist Diving Teams/Very Shallow Water at the Defense Diving Group, is pleased that the Diving Group is back at Duikvaker: “It has a double function for us. We can show the recreational diver how we work and what equipment we use, but we can also see for ourselves what is going on in diving and what developments are going on there.”

The divers, who are not only deployed for military but also for civilian tasks, use various types of equipment. They dive with a 'normal' compressed air diving kit, but for more complex tasks semi-closed and closed rebreathers are used or the diver is supplied with air from the surface. In fact, there are also activities where initially no diver goes into the water, but an exploration is carried out with the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) or the REMUS (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). Only then are divers sent into the water – if necessary. The Defense Diving Group also applies 'safety first', especially considering that they do not make pleasure dives – they dive under the most difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions. All in national interest and therefore also in your interest.

At Duikvaker, Stefan and his team show various materials. They open a rebreather so you can see what technique is in it. Divers will swim around in the diving tank for part of the day, but demonstrations with the ROV will also be given. And how much fun is it to control such a robot yourself?! “Definitely gamers will be fine,” Stefan laughs. Technology is also becoming more advanced within Defense.

Want to become a marine diver yourself?
You can find information about the training program at the stand of the Defense Diving Group. For the time being, you first have to follow the military preliminary training in the navy. After the training, internship and a first position within the navy, you can enroll in diving training if you meet the strict requirements. “But that's going to change,” says Stefan. “In addition to the existing trajectory, we are working on having people follow a general military preliminary trajectory. To then train them to be a diver, followed by a matching position.” It is still in the future, but in any case: no day is the same for a naval diver and there are many opportunities to develop within the navy!

You will find the Defense Dive Group in Hall 1 at booth 100.

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