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Underwater world is central to Duikvaker

coral reef

During Duikvaker on 3 and 4 February 2018, there will be plenty of attention for the underwater world. After all, it is indispensable for every diver!

You can dive wherever there is water! But as divers we prefer to put our heads under water in a place where it is beautiful, where there is life and where there is something to experience. It is therefore crucial that we handle this world under the water with care. After all, it covers the vast majority of the earth.


On Duikvaker, a lot of attention is paid to the underwater world. At the Flora and Faunaplein, for example, you can get acquainted with the unique nature. Furthermore, enthusiastic divers tell about the diversity of life that can be found in the Dutch water alone.

Platform for the underwater world

But the protection and conservation of the oceans are also extensively discussed at Duikvaker. Conservationists give presentations about the dangers to which the underwater world is exposed – including humans! – and propose solutions to reduce the risks. Did you know that organizations such as Duik de Noordzee Schoon and Ghost Fishing rescue sea creatures from nets and rid wrecks of lost fishing nets. As a result, life on the wrecks is not suffocated and nursery areas for young fish are preserved. And why are shark research and coral recovery important? All questions to which you will receive an answer during the annual diving event.

Positive initiatives

Organizer Patrick van Brienen is pleased with the attention for the underwater world at the fair: «Imagine that the underwater world only deteriorates. Then nobody has a reason to go diving. I applaud all positive initiatives from organizations and the many dive resorts from all corners of the world.”


New in 2018 is SummerLabb, where innovation now and in the future is central. How can we make innovative use (ie not abuse!) of the sea? Large and small companies, institutions and students have surprising ideas. They make you look at the sea in a completely different way. Leading partners also show you what sustainable role the oceans can play in the energy transition and how different groups can use the oceans side by side and together.

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