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Buddywatcher: The tap on your shoulder


No diver leaves his buddy in the lurch. And of course you don't want to lose sight of him either. But there are those moments when you don't get eye contact with your buddy underwater. He often has an eye for something else. For example, just his camera and the subject in front of his lens. You are already meters away. But how do you get his attention?! You can use a "tank banger" or the beep of, for example, the "Dive Alert". Only if you start making this noise underwater you can be sure that the dolphins (or the manta rays, the turtle or whatever), that you see but your buddy doesn't, quickly make their way out of the “fins”. Your fellow divers are also not happy with a lot of noise underwater. So you better leave that!

If only you could tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. Even if it was just to indicate that there was something nice to see. And if you swim out of there, you'll never find that pygmy seahorse again. That is possible from now on. Using the Buddy Watcher.

The Buddy Watcher is a wrist instrument that sends an ultrasonic signal to your buddy with a single push of a button. As soon as this signal is received by your buddy's device, it will vibrate on his/her wrist. In this way, your buddy is alerted without anyone even knowing about it. The buddy in turn can send the same signal back to you with the same result, a vibration signal from your Buddy Watcher on your wrist.

A Buddy Watcher set consists of 2 basic units and are uniquely paired. So that no "false signal" can ever be received from any other buddy pair. The range of the Buddy Watcher is approximately 80 meters. (Underwater! Above water ultrasonic does not work!)

A Buddy Watcher MASTER set consists of 2 units that can be used together, but up to 12 basic units can also be connected. This means that the diving instructor or guide can call all his students or divers with 1 push of a button to draw attention to something. The Master unit is also available separately. Another option is the surface buoy, with which a group of divers can be reached from the surface, for example from a boat.

PRO Kit – FL10078
This Buddy Watcher Pro set is able to measure the distance between 2 units. A distance alarm can be set in advance at 5 or 10 meters. When underwater, the units are further apart than the set alarm distance, both units will vibrate.
In addition, the PRO set also has the same call function as the basic set.
As a distributor of Buddy Watcher for the Benelux, Sealife Benelux BV now has the Buddy Watcher units available directly from stock.


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