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Lumbalumba Resort, Manado

Lumbalumba uitzicht

Lumbalumba Resort in Manado has worked very hard over the past year. There were no guests and maintaining an empty resort is not easy. Certainly not because they want to come out of the COVID period better than they were before. 

During the Dive Experience in February 2021 we could already see that all kinds of improvements have been added to the unique Lumbalumba pool. For example, Roel (owner) has added a waterfall, but has also built a real sandy beach by the pool. Now you can lie with your toes in the sand, while enjoying the view with a drink.

The fantastic botanical garden at Lumbalumba Resort is a living project in itself and is never finished. The orchids are looking better than ever and Juud has added many new plants and flowers. For the safety of the Lumbalumba guests, they also had to prune and remove some iconic trees. But new branches and leaves grow quickly on the pruned trees, making the difference almost impossible to see.

Friendly service

The nine bungalows and rooms are immaculately kept. They are ready to be used by their impatient patrons eager to enjoy Lumbalumba Resort again and their unparalleled personal service. The team of always smiling and professional staff is eager to explore the coral reefs of Bunaken National Park & Manado Bay again. Bunaken National Park guarantees gigantic drop-offs, bright colors with lots of fish, an incredible number of sea turtles. It is an adventure of a life time, right in the heart of the coral triangle in Indonesia.

At Lumbalumba Resort Manado they are ready to receive guests again, as soon as travel to Indonesia is possible again. 

A team from Lumbalumba Resort will be present at the Duikvaker to inform you enthusiastically. They have great offers so that the diving and snorkelling holidays for 2022 and 2023 can be booked again. 

See you on February 5 and 6, 2022 at Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show! If you want to take a look now, click here for their website.

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