IDD: In your own language and pace

IDD: Instructor Dive Development® Instructor Dive Development (IDD) is a professional diving organization operating all over the world. The IDD Divemasters, Assistant Instructors and Instructors meet the highest requirements a diving organization can set itself. The IDD diving courses are conducted according to internationally recognized guidelines and procedures for safe diving. The goal that the IDD…

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Desinfecteer dispenser

Corona measures on stock exchanges will expire

The cabinet has decided to let go of almost all corona rules. First there will be another week of relaxation and then most measures will go overboard. As of February 18, 2022 The corona ticket will remain for a while. In places where a corona pass is required, visitors no longer have to keep 1.5 meters away. The mask obligation disappears…

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scuba diving with turtle utc

Netherlands in lockdown

Unfortunately, since Sunday 19 December, the Netherlands has had to deal with a lockdown again. It is not clear at the moment what the rules are for events in February, and therefore specifically for Duikvaker. We will receive more information from the government about possible adjustments to the rules and restrictions by 14 January at the latest. What we in the…

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We are counting down to Duikvaker! Together with you!

We notice that people are looking forward more than ever to the annual diving event, which will take place on April 2 and 3, 2022 in Expo Houten. Divers, snorkelers and freedivers are eager to look for new (diving) materials, tips and tricks for underwater photography, the best training and the dream destination for their next diving holiday.…

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Marine Expedition Services

Marine Expedition Services, founded by Geert Nies, is the expert in underwater photography and videography. You can go there for periodic maintenance and repairs of housings of all brands. Everything is carried out in our own workshop with original parts, which of course results in a fast service. The watertightness is always tested in a pressure tank. In addition,…

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Pers BelgianPodcastAwards

The Polygon Seahorse

Glenn De Wilde founded The Polygon Seahorse with his wife Ellen Vullings. Started as the first Dutch podcast about everything that has to do with diving. They take you into conversations with well-known names in the diving world. Various topics including underwater photography and videography, technical diving, wreck diving, cave diving, materials, diving trips, etc. are covered.

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Scuba Diving in Malta

There is a lot to experience in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea around Malta. There are caves, reefs and wrecks and teeming with colorful sea creatures. It is therefore not surprising that Malta is one of the most beautiful and unique diving destinations in Europe. Around the islands of Malta, Gozo and…

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Diving Holidays kantoor px

Diving Holidays can be found in the Cruquius!

After years in Amsterdam, Diving Holidays moved to Haarlem in 2016. After five wonderful years, those offices are now being converted into apartments. We have therefore recently moved to the Cruquius, a village further from Haarlem and even closer to home for us, so we do everything nice and sporty by bike! Our new address is:…

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Lumbalumba uitzicht

Lumbalumba Resort, Manado

Lumbalumba Resort in Manado has worked very hard over the past year. There were no guests and maintaining an empty resort is not easy. Certainly not because they want to come out of the COVID period better than they were before. During the Dive Experience in February 2021 we could already see that all kinds of…

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Scuba Academy

Scuba-Academy Experience Center, originated from their mission: “Closer to Divers”. At their beautiful and unique location where divers are central. Scuba-Academie is located directly on the Vinkeveense Plassen. It is first and foremost a place where they want everyone to come into contact with diving. Are you a beginner diver, do you want to know more about diving…

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