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Diver 2020 Scuba Connection and XDEEP


Scuba Connection from Naarden is again busy preparing for Duikvaker 2020. Duikvaker is the event for Dutch divers!

Last year they participated in the fair for the first time and with great pleasure. Olga Knijn from Scuba Connection: “It's always great to see so many familiar ones and meet new divers”.

For 2020 the stand has been expanded a bit. Because last year they already publicized XDEEP wings and this year XDEEP will be with them at the Duikvaker.

Who or what is XDEEP?

XDEEP is the brand, from Poland, for recreational and technical diving wings. XDEEP has its origins in sidemount diving. 

Because there was room for change and improvement, they developed their first sidemount set, the Stealth.

From there, the technical team has evolved into various sidemount vests. They now come with 3 models.

Stealth TEC 2.0, Stealth REC 2.0 and the Classic.

If that's not enough, XDEEP has also taken a closer look at diving with the wing. In addition to the classic wings, they have come to the market with the NX series.

NX series: the wing reinvented:

The NX series consists of the NX Project, for technical diving and the ZEN and Ghost for recreational diving. 

We were already very happy with these developments and the power and advantages of the wings. 

But, if that wasn't enough, all wings now come in 10 different colors!

Still not enough: TUNE-UP

When you are busy with colors, why not custom BCDs? 

And so the TUNE-UP program was born. With this configurator, you can put together your own vest, according to your taste and color.

Unique and personal.

Making quality and "live" your vest

XDEEP stands for quality and innovation. 

Do you want to experience this yourself? Then come to the booth of Scuba Connection, Hall 1 booth 96 and 98.

They will be happy to tell you more about XDEEP and you can make an example of your new wing at our stand, live.

Diving with a wing, is that something for you?

Diving with a wing is now not only for technical divers. Recreational divers are now also experiencing the benefits of diving with a wing. Your buoyancy and diving comfort take on a whole new meaning. Do you want to experience this yourself first? Request a test dive at Scuba Connection and experience it for yourself. 

PADI Professional Diving Courses at Scuba Connectioncub

Also this year you can contact Scuba Connection for all your PADI courses. In particular, they put the professional PADI courses in the spotlight.

Are you considering becoming a PADI professional and looking for a coach? Ask Olga, Berdi and the team about the GoPro packages and the Dive Business Coaching courses and workshops.

Berdi Boeve of Scuba Connection: ”We are here for you, to give your new career a good start”.

Visit Scuba Connection and XDEEP at DIVEVAKER from January 31 to February 2 in Houten.

More information: www.scubaconnection.nl  and on www.xdeep.eu

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