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Are you able to solve the perfect crime?

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Forensic diving is diving for forensic research. This means that divers specifically look for evidence in the water, such as weapons, traces of blood or other clues that may be relevant to a police investigation.

In addition, forensic diving can also be used for other purposes, such as investigating wrecks of missing aircraft or ships, finding military explosives or collecting evidence in the context of insurance claims.

There are some important differences between above and underwater forensics. For example, underwater research can be more difficult due to limited visibility and the use of diving equipment. In addition, forensic divers must consider the specific challenges of the underwater environment, such as currents and evidence preservation in a humid environment.

Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show

To become a forensic diver, it is important to start by earning a scuba diving certification. In addition, it is advisable to train specifically in forensic diving, for example through training at a forensic diving organization. These courses usually consist of a combination of diving training and forensic investigation training. Forensic investigation training may include, for example, learning how to collect and preserve underwater evidence, how to analyze the evidence, and how to report the results of the investigation.

All information about forensic diving can be found at the Duikvaker exhibition. There are presentations by professional forensic divers and workshops where participants can get acquainted with the practice of forensic diving. The theme of the workshop is: Are you able to solve the perfect crime? Work like a Sherlock Holmes with evidence, take fingerprints, analyze suspicious materials, and if you can unmask the culprit you win the must-have tool for a forensic investigator, a Victorinox pocket knife.

During the exhibition you can also talk to experts in the field of forensic diving and ask questions about, for example, the courses available and the specific challenges of forensic diving.

At the stand, interested parties can perform the work as a forensic investigator themselves with all kinds of materials that have been brought along. Equipment used in forensic diving is shown.

Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show

If you are interested in forensic diving, the Duikvaker exhibition is definitely worth a visit. Here you can learn all about this interesting and challenging field and connect with professionals who can help you start your career as a forensic diver.

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