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The Cadushy Distillery on Duikvaker

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The Cadushy Distillery

Have you ever drunk a cactus? Yes, it really can! On Bonaire, the Cadushy Distillery has been making liqueur and rum from Cactus since 2009. Bonaire is called the Cactus Capital of the Caribbean called. Because in addition to the beautiful coral reefs and the fantastic water sports options, Bonaire also has a beautiful landscape dotted with cacti. There are so many cacti that they even make hedges out of them. And since 2009, the Cadushy Distillery also makes drinks from the cactus of Bonaire! 

Dutch entrepreneurship in the tropics

The Cadushy Distillery is the distillery that was founded in 2009 by the Gietman family. In the oldest village of Bonaire, Rincón, Master Distiller Eric Gietman makes innovative drinks based on traditions and history of the Dutch Caribbean. The visitor center, Cadushy Experience, attracts about 25,000 visitors annually and is well worth a visit.

The Cadushy or Bonaire Liqueur is the only cactus liqueur in the whole world, and is called The Sunny Taste of Bonaire. A wonderfully sunny liqueur that you can drink pure but can also be mixed. This is how you make a delicious Cactus Cocktail yourself.

Rom Rincón is also prepared with the local Kadushi cactus and has won a number of international awards, including the Grand Prize in the Rum & Cola competition at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. So if you like Rum & Cola, don't miss this one. Rom Rincon, The Spirit of Bonaire.

Do you want to relive Bonaire again? Or are you just looking for a tasty liqueur. Then the Cadushy or Bonaire Liqueur or Rom Rincon is a hit. Visit the Bonaire Plein during Duikvaker 2023. If you want more information now, look at their website.

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