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Dynamic photo event at Duikvaker 2020 – submit your photos now!

Photo: Eric Staal, Dynamic photo event 2019

Also at Duikvaker 2020, the best photo exhibition will not be missing from the DuikeninBeeld stand. Do you want to exhibit your diving photos? Submit them now! After Duikvaker you will have a beautiful photo print richer. 

Are you also so happy with the underwater photos you take while snorkeling or diving? But would you like to show them to a large audience? Which can! Submit them now for the Dynamic Photo event, which will again take place this year at the DuikeninBeeld stand on Diver 2020 takes place. An exhibition and a competition in one. And the best part: every participant wins and gets to take home their photo print – ready to hang on the wall!

Imprint on forex

You don't 'just' get a print home with you. No, you get the quality print with a maximum size of 70*50 cm on 3mm thick forex along. So you don't have to look for a frame yourself, you don't have to fiddle with it yourself, you can hang the large photo print immediately or maybe give it to someone as a gift.

Photo: Brenda de Vries, Dynamic photo event 2019

Win win
Participating is very easy, you just have to make sure you have a place in the exhibition. You can enter with one or two photos. And not only the photographers but also the visitors can win prizes! Moreover, as an 'exhibitor' you will receive your exhibited photo home at the end of the day.

Submit now for a place in the exhibition
Of course we want to have an exhibition ready when Duikvaker opens on both Saturday and Sunday. So do you want your photo to be there early in the morning and also be sure of an enlargement of your photo for a very special price, send in your photo now for the pre-registration. The first 24 for Saturday and the first 24 for Sunday are definitely on the wall!

Laurent Miroult, Dynamic Photo Event 2019

If you are not among the first 24 photos from the pre-registration, you can also participate on the exhibition days themselves. Each hour, up to four new photos will be posted (and up to four others will be dropped)! Take your photos with you to the fair – the photographers of DuikeninBeeld are ready - if you want to - to give good tips and to choose a photo together with you, which will be printed and hung on the spot. But be quick - the number of places on the wall is limited and FULL really is FULL!

Exhibition visitors make exhibition dynamic
Visitors can rate photos throughout the day – the special thing is that the exhibition changes every hour! Four photos from the exhibition are replaced every hour. Which are those? You have a voice in that. You vote for your favorite photos together with other visitors to the fair. The photos with the most votes remain in the exhibition – those with the fewest votes per voting round are replaced by new photos. Throughout the day you can see which photos are favorite with the public. And because the exhibition is constantly changing, it is important that you come and vote every hour (or at least a few times a day!).

Day winner
At the end of the day, the professional jury determines which photographers can call themselves winners that day – two photographers per day, because the jury chooses the best photo taken in the Netherlands or Belgium, and the best photo from outside the Netherlands and Belgium. The winners of the day will receive a nice prize in addition to the fame. A prize is also raffled every day among the voting visitors.

Annual Diver Award

The organization of Duikvaker will also choose a favorite on both exhibition days.

Quality print for a very discounted price

What makes this competition even more attractive is that the participating photos are printed in large format and in high quality and pasted on forex at a very reduced rate. The prints are also made this edition by the print specialist Arca. The company will take care of the quality printouts and apply them to the forex both prior to and live on Duikvaker. There will be a large format printer at the DuikeninBeeld stand so that we can print your photos on the spot. The price in the pre-registration is 29.50 euros. If you have the photo printed on Duikvaker, the price is 35 euros.

Photo: Lia van Nieuwenhuizen, Dynamic photo event 2019

Extra competition via DuikeninBeeld
After Duikvaker, all submitted photos will be shown on the DuikeninBeeld page. Anyone can vote until 29 February. The maker of the photo with the most votes wins a prize and a prize will be raffled among the voters.

Click here for the competition conditions and more information about participation.

When submitting your photo, don't forget to mention the day you will be at the fair and participate: Saturday or Sunday, and where the photo was taken.

Curious which photos hung in the exhibition last year? click here.

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