Collaboration Touria Diving with Voodoo Divers

Touria Voodoo Divers

Touria Diving has entered into a close collaboration with Voodoo Divers, the Dutch diving center in Hurghada. They are known by many for their good atmosphere and quality, both in terms of materials and expertise. In addition, strict safety standards are applied, with Touria Diving feeling at ease as a dive tour operator.

It's a fairy tale that Hurghada as a diving destination isn't worth it, because it's supposedly 'dove to death'. Voodoo Divers can prove that to you with their beautiful day boat Red Sea Star, equipped with every luxury and comfort. Due to their extensive diving experience, the Voodoo Divers crew always finds the most beautiful diving locations. Moreover, you will notice that in that region an encounter with a school of dolphins is not uncommon, but rather regular.
There is always a dive guide with a maximum of 4 buddy pairs and it is also a pleasure for the beginner to experience an introductory dive. Touria Diving has been resisting activities for years to take a novice to deeper than 7 meters!

Let yourself be pampered and completely arrange your diving holiday by Touria Diving. All trips are booked under ANVR conditions, guarantees from SGR and Calamiteitenfonds and therefore comply with Dutch legislation. A certain reassurance in uncertain times. So feel free to do business with us!

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