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Travel by train to Expo Houten

Looking for the best way to travel by train to the Duikvaker diving fair in Expo Houten? Then you've come to the right place! We have put together a handy table for you with route descriptions by train from various countries in Europe. Whether you come from Germany, France, Spain, Italy or Portugal, we have listed the distance, average travel times and links to Google Maps routes for you. This way you can easily choose the best train travel option and enjoy the Duikvaker diving fair without any worries. And with Expo Houten as a centrally located location in the Netherlands, you can also enjoy the beautiful Dutch landscapes during your train journey. So plan your route and get ready for a great event in Expo Houten!

City Distance car to Houten Avg. travel time train to Houten Avg. travel time car Country Google Map link
Brussels159km1 hour 34 minutes1 hour 42 minutesBelgiumRoute from Brussels to Houten
Paris578km4 hours 52 minutes4 hours 51 minutesFranceRoute from Paris to Houten
Marseilles1,109km9 hours 39 minutes10 hours 8 minutesFranceRoute from Marseille to Houten
Lyons822km7 hours 44 minutes7 hours 39 minutesFranceRoute from Lyon to Houten
Madrid1,883km15 hours 23 minutes16 hours 27 minutesSpainRoute from Madrid to Houten
Barcelona1,431km12 hours 15 minutes12 hours 47 minutesSpainRoute from Barcelona to Houten
valencia1,728km15 hours 22 minutes15 hours 49 minutesSpainRoute from Valencia to Houten
Seville2,270km21 hours 34 minutes22 hours 29 minutesSpainRoute from Seville to Houten
Malaga2,064km20 hours 18 minutes20 hours 37 minutesSpainRoute from Málaga to Houten
Berlin648km6 hours 12 minutes5 hours 42 minutesGermanyRoute from Berlin to Houten
Munich709km6 hours 35 minutes6 hours 13 minutesGermanyRoute from Munich to Houten
Frankfurt am Main411km4 hours 3 minutes3 hours 50 minutesGermanyRoute from Frankfurt am Main to Houten
Hamburg449km5 hours 6 minutes4 hours 22 minutesGermanyRoute from Hamburg to Houten
Warsaw1,136km10 hours 45 minutes10 hours 43 minutesPolandRoute from Warsaw to Houten
Stockholm1,271km14 hours 13 minutes13 hours 29 minutesSwedenRoute from Stockholm to Houten
Zurich722km7 hours 27 minutes7 hours 29 minutesSwitzerlandRoute from Zurich to Houten
Vienna1,130km10 hours 40 minutes10 hours 11 minutesAustriaRoute from Vienna to Houten
Copenhagen752km9 hours 10 minutes8 hours 31 minutesDenmarkRoute from Copenhagen to Houten
Rome1,677km14 hours 14 minutes14 hours 21 minutesItalyRoute from Rome to Houten
Milan900km8 hours 17 minutes8 hours 15 minutesItalyRoute from Milan to Houten
Naples1,894km16 hours 23 minutes5 hours 4 minutesItalyRoute from Naples to Houten
Turin1,030km9 hours 47 minutes9 hours 21 minutesItalyRoute from Turin to Houten
bologna1,114km10 hours 32 minutes10 hours 4 minutesItalyRoute from Bologna to Houten
Lisbon1,933km17 hours 23 minutes17 hours 38 minutesPortugalRoute from Lisbon to Houten
postage1,932km16 hours 49 minutes5 hours 15 minutesPortugalRoute from Porto to Houten
Braga1,856km16 hours 14 minutes16 hours 44 minutesPortugalRoute from Braga to Houten

Train tickets

Don't forget to buy a valid train ticket or public transport chip card for the journey. You can plan your journey using the NS Travel Planner (https://www.ns.nl/en/travel-information/ns-international) or the 9292 app (https://9292.nl/en). These websites and apps give you real-time information about train times, delays and possible alternative routes.

Opening hours

Saturday 1-2-2025 10 am - 6 pm

Sunday 2-2-2025 10 am - 5 pm


Expo Houten

Meidoornkade 24


The Netherlands

Duikvaker is organized by The Exhibition Company

info@exhibitioncompany.nl • www.exhibitioncompany.nl
IBAN: NL77 RABO 0341 4557 41 • Chamber of Commerce: Utrecht 30122269 • VAT: 803128046B01