Presentation of new Digital Underwater Photography Handbook on Duikvaker


The Handbook of Digital Underwater Photography has been completely revised and expanded. The book for every underwater photographer, which has been compiled by the well-known underwater photographer Ron Offermans, will be in stores from the beginning of February and will be officially presented on February 4 during Duikvaker.

Photography, and therefore also underwater photography, does not stand still. New cameras, new accessories and new techniques follow each other in rapid succession. In addition, underwater photography is becoming increasingly popular among divers. A completely new version of the Handbook Digital Underwater Photography was therefore inevitable.

The new Handbook, which will be published six years after the first edition and will have 40 extra pages, not only contains current information and new topics, but also goes deeper into the subject. Offermans: «Thanks to the courses I give, I understand all the better what problems not only I but also other underwater photographers face. I will go into these topics in detail in the new book.”

The author did not go ice cream overnight. In recent years he has been constantly testing new materials and developing advanced techniques. The new chapter Flash positions discusses in detail how you not only minimize floating debris in the photo by positioning the flashes, but also how you create atmosphere in the photo. Another new chapter concerns the communication between camera and flash – six possibilities are fully analyzed and made clear.

Ron Offermans: «The new Handbook contains a wealth of information, which every underwater photographer can benefit from. The basic and advanced techniques are covered and have been updated based on today's knowledge – a big step forward since the book was first published in 2011. Moreover, the arrival of new cameras and accessories has opened up more possibilities for photographers, a development whose end is certainly not in sight.”

The book is available through specialized underwater photography stores, various dive shops and online. For sales addresses, visit

About the author
Ron Offermans is a professional photographer (above water). The diving photographer has been involved in underwater photography for several decades, initially mainly as a hobby, but now also professionally. With his fascinating photos, he makes the world below the water surface visible. He is known for his application of innovative techniques.

Ron became Dutch Underwater Photography Champion in 2010 and represented the Netherlands at the 2011 World Cup. In 2013 and 2015 he was team captain of the Dutch team that participated in the World Cup in Cuba and the Netherlands. His articles on this special form of photography are published in diving magazines and on websites. His underwater photos are also used in newspapers, magazines and scientific publications. Ron passionately transfers his knowledge of underwater photography to other photographers. He does this in the Handbook of Digital Underwater Photography, but also in courses and presentations on underwater photography and biology – two areas of interest that are inextricably linked. The specialist has made an important contribution to the development of teaching materials for the underwater photography and biology courses of the Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond.

Special sessions during Duikvaker
During Duikvaker, Ron Offermans will sit at the Theme table on the DuikeninBeeld stand (hall 1) to tell more about the new photo techniques that have been included in his book.

book launch
The book will be officially presented on Saturday 4 February at 10:30 am on the main stage in Hall 1 (next to the DuikeninBeeld stand). After the presentation, the book will be available at the stands of Onderwaterhuis.NL and DuikeninBeeld, among others. The price is 39.50 euros.

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