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Red Sea Conservation: Scuba World's Pledge to Preserve

Mien Herman



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Our vision at Scuba World is to be leaders in responsible diving tourism, promoting environmental awareness, and actively participating in marine conservation. We understand that the oceans are facing unprecedented challenges, from coral bleaching to plastic pollution. As a responsible diving center, we acknowledge our role in ensuring the longevity of the underwater ecosystems we so dearly cherish.

What Scuba World Divers are doing to protect the Red Sea?
Green Fins Initiative: We have proudly partnered with the Green Fins initiative, a global movement that promotes environmentally friendly practices within the diving and snorkeling industry. By aligning with Green Fins, we adhere to a set of guidelines that minimize our environmental impact, ensuring that our activities do not harm marine life or their habitats.

Seeking Support for Conservation: Scuba World is actively engaged in seeking support for various conservation projects. We believe in the power of collaboration, and through partnerships with environmental organizations, we aim to amplify our impact in protecting the oceans. This may include financial contributions, as well as participation in research and conservation programs.

Cleanup Initiatives: We are committed to keeping our underwater playground pristine. Regular underwater cleanup initiatives are organized by Scuba World, where our team, alongside our guests, actively participate in removing debris and waste from the ocean floor. This not only improves the health of the marine environment but also raises awareness about the importance of waste management.

Training for Staff: Our staff members undergo comprehensive training on sustainable and eco-friendly diving practices. This includes educating our team about the fragility of marine ecosystems, the impact of human activities, and the importance of responsible tourism. Through continuous learning and development, we ensure that our staff becomes ambassadors for marine conservation.

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Mien Herman

Hello, I'm Mien Herman. I'm a Belgian Padi IDC staff Instructor.
I'm working for Scubaworld Divers since June 2023, only 8 months,  but it feels like coming home…
I'm diving since 2009, actually started with an intro dive in Sharm El Sheikh.
Immediately fell in love with diving,  so I started my courses in 2010, in the very cold lake in Belgium.
Years later, after many liveaboards and holidays,  I lost my heart,  mind and soul to the magnificent Red Sea and Egypt.
So a dream came true in 2019, when I started working in El Qusair as a diving instructor.
Still the best decision ever, living the dream.
Obviously I'm very happy that I can share my knowledge and passion for diving within Scubaworld Divers.

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