Programma Duikvaker 2024

Debunking Modern Controversies in Technical Diving

Matt Jevon
Duikvaker Duikvaker Matt Javon



Stage 3

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Matt will address the latest discussions that all divers, instructors and instructor trainers in recreational or technical should immerse themselves in. It will be a high-level overview of the latest thinking that maybe hasn’t made it to the training materials yet. Some key questions below will certainly be discussed, but bring your own…..

• Do bubbles really cause DCS ?
• Do decompression algorithms really matter?
• Are gradient factors of more use for internet warriors rather than actual divers?
• Is Gas Density a fad or physics?
• Narcosis and drunk d(r)iving?
• Saw tooth and reverse profiles – should we (will we) be stressed?
• Ascent and Descent rates – the key or the lock?

Matt will be on the Light and Dark stand 1C2 and coffee (or beer) will unlock much more detail if you call by to say hello.
Look out for our Tech master class running later in 2024 at Light and Dark Diving, a TDI SDI Dive Center in Netherlands, more on these topics there.

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Duikvaker Duikvaker Matt Javon

Matt Jevon

MSc, FIoD, TDI CCR and Cave Instructor

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1 februari 2025 van 10.00 - 18.00 uur

2 februari 2025 van 10.00 - 17.00 uur

Expo Houten
Meidoornkade 24
3992 AE Houten

Duikvaker wordt georganiseerd door The Exhibition Company •
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