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VIP Diving for professional diving with pleasure

VIP Building ilona

VIP Diving is a high-quality PADI 5-star IDC Dive Center and centrally located a stone's throw from the most beautiful dive sites on Bonaire. 

The VIP Diving building offers all the facilities you could wish for as a diver: a drive-thru tank service, 24 hour access to the securely closed drying room, private pool and the very best dive shop coffee on the island! 

They provide high quality air and nitrox. The aluminum tanks are available in 10/12/15 liters with DIN & International connection and can all be rented for the same price. They also rent out diving equipment in excellent condition for young and old. 

Tanks VIP Diving
Tanks VIP Diving

All courses are taught by experienced PADI Instructors. Of course, they not only provide professional training, but also a lot of fun during the course. At VIP Diving you always dive in small groups of a maximum of 4 divers/students per guide or instructor. Small groups means more personal attention, better training and therefore more enjoyment of diving. 

From the moment you book your diving package with VIP Diving, until you walk out the door, the professional team will ensure that you have the perfect diving experience!

Be sure to visit them during Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show on April 2 and 3, and feel free to check out their website.

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