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Dive & Drive on Bonaire at AB-Dive

AB Dive Car

Bonaire has a great diversity of beautiful reefs and dive sites for different experience levels. Are you an Open Water diver or Dive Pro, there are suitable dive sites for everyone.

You walk from the shore into the water that slowly gets deeper. The reef starts already at a depth of five meters. With a pick-up truck from AB Car Rental and an air package from AB-Dive you are immediately mobile and you can go out on your own.


Diving on Bonaire

Bonaire “shore dive capital of the world” offers you the ultimate freedom. AB Car Rental has more than 200 pick-ups for hire. To rent without any deductible. And at AB-Dive, an enthusiastic team can provide you with all your diving needs. Rent a car and dive tanks from AB and dive wherever and whenever you want.

Dive & Drive package

AB Dive and AB Car Rental. The perfect combination. Rent a diving Pickup Truck and your unlimited air package and before you know it you are on your way to the most beautiful reefs of Bonaire. Experience the ultimate feeling of diving freedom and dive with your own buddies to the dive sites of your own choice! Do what many diving enthusiasts have already done for you and choose a dive & drive package!

Turtle and Coral abDive

Your diving tanks filled with 100% sustainable energy

AB-Dive has no electricity connection and works entirely on solar energy. For example, they fill their air and Nitrox tanks completely sustainably. The tanks are filled with no less than 220 bar (3200 PSI) using modern filling techniques. If it is necessary to exchange your tanks, you can do this quickly and easily via the Drive through service. This saves waiting and you are quickly back in the water.

AB-Dive: All diving equipment under one roof

Whether you come to rent something quickly or want to follow a course, AB-Dive Bonaire would like to hear about your experiences and tell you all about their favorite dive sites in their full service center.

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