Separate part of the Onderwaterhuis.NL booth equipped for high-end underwater photography


Karin Brussaard and Marc Vermeiren will be in a separate part of the Onderwaterhuis.NL stand this weekend, which is specially reserved for professionals. View all possible gadgets at your leisure and let them tell you everything about them. This weekend at the Duikvaker fair in Houten!

The pro section includes a Nikon D750 in a Nauticam underwater housing, completely built up with different types of (float) arms, INON Z240 and Sea & Sea D2 flash, flipsnoots, Retra LSD, SMC and Multiplier conversion lenses, flip adapters: all the trimmings ! The set is rigged up to a complete Christmas tree and demonstrated by the professionals Karin Brussaard and Marc Vermeiren.

The set that Karin Brussaard recently received from Onderwaterhuis.NL to write a review about it for the magazine Diving is also on display there: an Olympus OM-D E-M10 mark II in the brand new Nauticam underwater housing. This set is also completely built up with flashes, flipsnoots, flip adapter and the revolutionary Nauticam WWL-1 wide-angle lens (super high quality lens!). Karin can tell and explain everything about it from her own experience. The review will appear in the upcoming issue of the magazine Duiken.

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