We Dive Safe – the conference and networking event for every diving professional and professional diver

All professional divers and diving professionals together… unique! On Friday, September 27 during the conference We dive safely, players from the entire diving sector will meet. Reserve your place now!

On September 27, for the first time, 'We dive safely' venue, the congress and networking event for every professional diver and diving professional, both within the professional and recreational diving sector. The theme is mentality, behavior and systems. The congress is intended for everyone who is involved in diving in a (semi-) professional way, both within the professional and professional sector.

“Why don't divers, recreationally and professionally, learn from each other?”

Diving is a broad concept. Divers are each active within their own area of work – recreationally and professionally. The common denominator is diving safety which always comes first. Yet within each discipline diving is done in its own way. So the question arises, why don't divers, recreationally and professionally, learn from each other? Why haven't forces in the diving sector been combined much more? The means of staying safe underwater are really the same and many divers are active in both the professional and recreational sectors.

Speakers from home and abroad from both the professional diving sector and recreational and technical diving will discuss the above questions on September 27. What underlies certain behavior and how can we bring about a change? Do we have to and do we want that too?


Impressive program

Speakers (now known) are Gareth Lock, diver and former instructor with the Royal Air Force, Sander Kool, Commander His Majesty Willemstad, Cees den Toom, Technical Trainer Examiner and owner diving center Scuba-Academie, Bas Poelmann, safety instructor and emergency response specialist, Guy Thomas, director of safety programs at DAN Europe, and Leo Blokland, lawyer and Legal Advisor DAN Europe. All speakers also have years of experience as a diver in various capacities.

“Why haven't forces in the diving sector been pooled much more?”

During a forum discussion, among other things: Edwin Hofma, commander of the Defense Diving Group, Rob van Hulst, professor by special appointment of Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine at Amsterdam UMC, and Eric VanVessem, chairman (interim) Dutch Underwater Sports Association, discussing the points of view that were put forward during the conference.

For whom

The We Duiken Veilig congress is intended for everyone who is professionally involved in diving, from diving school owners, association directors, diving instructors and divemasters in technical and recreational diving to divers, diving supervisors, policy makers within the professional sector and other interested parties. This is the time of the year where you meet representatives from the entire diving industry.

More information and registration

Click here to go to the website of the conference and networking event We Duiken Veilig to go. Here you will find practical information, the provisional program and the speakers and you can Sign Up.