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WeeFine Smart Focus 2300 : All-in-1 underwater focus lamp, video lamp and UV lamp


This lamp offers a real total solution: video lamp, red light lamp, UV lamp and automatic focus lamp in one!
Onderwaterhuis.NL is also taking this all-rounder to the Duikvakerbeurs this year. The Weefine Smart Focus 2300 lamp has been very popular for a while. As a video lamp, the lamp offers a very powerful (2300 lumen) wide, even light beam with a neutral color temperature of 5000K. The lamp is dimmable and the burning time is no less than 70 minutes. The high-capacity Li-Ion battery is quickly exchangeable and fully charged within 2.5 hours. With the push of a button you switch to red light ... ideal for approaching shy animals during night dives. You can also easily switch to UV mode. If you want to discover the wonderful world of fluorescence, you no longer need an extra lamp.
If you activate the Auto Flash-Off function, the lamp will turn itself off completely automatically for a few seconds as soon as a flash from your camera is detected. This ensures that your camera can focus quickly and accurately without the lamp light affecting the exposure of your photo.
The sturdy aluminum body and double o-ring seal guarantee watertightness up to 100 meters. Despite the long list of impressive options, the lamp is nice and compact (52mm x 127mm), lightweight and very attractively priced.

Visit the booth of Onderwaterhuis.NL during Duikvaker! They are right at the entrance.

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