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Why you should not miss Duikvaker

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The Duikvaker weekend starts this Friday. Are you coming to the event for every lover of diving and snorkeling? We asked organizer Patrick van Brienen why you shouldn't miss it! 

What is your next destination ? Ask the people themselves!
Duikvaker is the place where you meet everyone and where you can ask all your questions and get answers from the experts and locals themselves. Because who better to give the answer than the provider himself? However?
The specialists are on the more than 150 stands in the three halls. To give an example, on Bonaire Square the representatives of the island and the dive resorts will tell you their stories about Bonaire and the underwater world with great enthusiasm. At the Egypt booth, you can choose whether to go to Dahab or perhaps the south – all because you get answers to your questions from the people who know the country and their place best. The various travel organizations themselves also have representatives from resorts from all over the world who are only too happy to make you enthusiastic.
Choose your next destination based on how you feel about these resorts and people!

Keep learning!
Yes, keep learning! Not only to gain more knowledge and experience, but also because it is so cool! This way your hobby will only become more fun and you can always make different types of dive in your own country or on holiday. Photography, filming, biology, deep diving or technical diving? The training organizations and diving schools on Duikvaker can tell you everything about the possibilities they offer. But of course you can also sit down at the Theme Tables or attend a presentation in the Theater. How fun is that?!

Don't you think you should give yourself a present every now and then? That is also a good reason to come to Duikvaker! At the dive shops at the fair, you can find complete equipment, handy accessories and just that one gadget that may not really be necessary, but that makes your hobby a lot more fun. Pampering yourself is certainly allowed at Duikvaker!

Lots of innovation!
A new product, but you have the idea that it is actually almost the same? It often seems that way, but make no mistake! Technology in general is advancing by leaps and bounds – it's getting more advanced! The same goes for diving equipment – new materials are used, a technological gadget is added. And you will find all those innovations on Duikvaker! Almost all major brands are represented in the three halls and they all bring the latest of the latest. Touch & feel! And of course be well informed.

A fun day out!
Maybe you don't need anything or you don't want to travel at all? Even then, Duikvaker is a fun day out. Just think of all those acquaintances you might meet – on the stands and in the footpaths. Those friends from the last vacation that you haven't seen in months or years. In addition, there is fun and interesting entertainment in the various halls and you can spoil the inside you with delicious food and drinks from the food trucks. Duikvaker is a fun day out – a lot of fun!

It is made easy for you!
Duikvaker takes place in Houten, in the middle of the Netherlands. Easily accessible by car and public transport! You can also park for free in the immediate vicinity of Expo Houten. And… if you order tickets in advance, you can go again 20% discount to get!

Do you want to know who has a stand at Duikvaker and which presentations there are? On the website of Duikvaker you will find a map with all exhibitors, news and the complete program of everything going on at the stock exchange.

See you Divers!

Duikvaker traditionally takes place on the first weekend of February. The diving event for divers, snorkelers and anyone interested in the underwater world is the unofficial start of the new diving season. With attention to diving and snorkeling materials, training, travel, nature and a lot of information and entertainment on the various stages, in the theaters and on the stands.

Diver 2020:
Friday 31 January from 6 to 9 p.m
Saturday 1 February from 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday 2 February from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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