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Have a trip to Italy in mind?

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So take your diving gear with you right away! About sixty kilometers west of the Italian Genoa you will find the picturesque village of Noli. A small village in Liguria directly on the Mediterranean Sea. Noli has a rich history that dates back to the time when the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar traveled the Mediterranean coast in his chariots. 

In Noli you will find an underwater garden called Nemo's Garden. Once started as an underwater lab where OCEAN REEF could test their full face masks and underwater communication equipment.

Nemo's Garden has since grown into a spectacular dive site, consisting of 6 air-filled underwater domes where experimental basil and other Italian herbs are grown. The evaporation of salty seawater automatically creates fresh water that functions as food for the plants. The sky domes are located on average at a depth of 6 – 9 meters, where sufficient sunlight still penetrates to allow the plants to grow. The pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure of the surface, combined with a completely protected environment for insects and pesticides, create a perfect environment for the development of the plants. University research even shows that the basil from Nemo's Graden has a higher taste value than comparable plants that grow on land.

Meanwhile, the construction also forms an artificial reef, where a rich underwater life has found its home. Several seahorses and octopuses have moved into their living quarters there. 

You can also view Nemo's Garden up close, the dive site is free to visit. Would you like an explanation or view the domes from the inside? Then make an appointment with the people of OCEAN REEF. Or book a visit through the diving school in the bay of Noli: Divenjoy.

More information about OCEAN REEF Nemo's Garden can be found at: http://www.nemosgarden.com

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