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TODI: an exotic holiday experience

Diving TODI


You've never dived before, we hear you say? That is convenient because at TODI that is not necessary at all, everyone can dive there. 

As they say themselves: “Diving is a pleasant and above all safe sport. And we want everyone to experience that. Of course certified divers can indulge themselves, but here everyone can. We will take care of that.”

Glasses, snorkels, full face masks, trim jackets, diving suits, oxygen bottles, etcetera. All materials are provided and anyone can use them. In their Academy you get some instruction and you can go straight into the water. They can also provide guidance. The children have also been thought of, because snorkelling is possible from the age of 6.”

Snorkeling TODI
Snorkeling TODI

Not convinced yet? Then just go and have a look because that is also possible.

"Of course. Through the windows in the walls of the pool, everyone can watch the divers and especially the fish, because they make the experience complete.”

And looking at TODI costs nothing. Enjoy snorkeling among the fish in pleasant, clear water. Or even better: diving among the ruins of a Greek temple… Not for this year, we hear you say? But for this year, you don't even have to drive far, because you can do all that, and much more, at TODI on be-MINE!

“Snorkeling and diving in the company of 5,000 tropical fish is really fantastic!”“Snorkeling and diving in the company of 5,000 tropical fish is really fantastic!”

TODI will also be present again on February 5 and 6, 2022 at more divers, feel free to visit them. Or look for more information on their website.

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