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The True Maldives

Dhinasha Dhuveli Aerial B

The True Maldives (TTM) is a unique liveaboard concept for which a lot of (Dutch) divers travel to the Maldives every year. During a trip, which usually lasts 11 days, the divers are taken on an adventure…. They visit whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles and sharks underwater. The first unique thing about the TTM concept is that the dive trips last 11 days instead of the standard 7 days. These 4 extra days not only provide extra dives, they also make it possible to sail flexible routes and therefore no fixed round. In concrete terms, this means that if a report comes in that a whale shark has been spotted, the captain can easily adjust his course. This flexibility is highly valued among divers. It is therefore not surprising that there are many regular customers who return every year. 

The ship the Dhisnasha

The Dhinasha is perfect for groups of friends and family looking for a private liveaboard vacation in the Maldives. This ship has 9 air-conditioned rooms with an attached toilet, a spacious common living area and a sun terrace. Enjoy excellent meals prepared by the chef here. In addition, there is a friendly crew to help you with various activities to make your diving holiday unforgettable.   

Visit the TTM booth at Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show and get fully informed about your next adventure in the Maldives. Who knows, maybe you will sail on the Dhisnasha in 2022, look now for information on their website.

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