Save the Ocean, Save Yourself!

 Speaker: Carina van Uffelen & Janna Selier

 About the presentation 

 More and more plastic waste is floating in our oceans. This comes from waste that we throw away on the street, fishing nets that are left behind, but also from washing synthetic clothes or brushing your teeth. All these different types of plastic together form the 'plastic soup' in the oceans.

Plastic Soup Foundation has been fighting the plastic pollution of our ocean since 2011. According to the international press, this makes the organization 'one of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution'.

During the DuikVaker, Janna and Carina will give a lecture about plastic problems in general and the new approach of the Plastic Soup Foundation, 'Save the Ocean, Save Yourself!': in which the relationship between plastic pollution and human health is central. 

 About the speaker 

Carina van Uffelen

Carina van Uffelen is project leader of the Trash Hunters campaign, coordinator of Plastic Soup TV and jointly responsible for general communication at Plastic Soup Foundation. She is also a diver and a big fan of the underwater world. 

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