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Theo Knevel
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Many products are invented and produced to make the diving experience easier. From ankle weights to super snorkels that promise the best snorkeling experience. While by spending more time in the water, many of those products are not necessary at all. Sometimes it really is better for that good experience to put that money into gaining experience than into stuff to compensate for that experience.

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Diver Diver Theo Knevel

Theo Knevel

Theo Knevel is a renowned diving specialist, known for his deep expertise in diving equipment and his background as a frogman and commando within the Special Forces. His passion for water began at an early age, leading to a career in the Marine Corps where he pursued a range of specializations, including military freefall skydiving. Theo emphasizes the importance of quality materials and proper maintenance, lessons he learned during his time in the Marines and which he now applies in his career.

Theo has experience in a wide range of diving operations around the world, including challenging missions in cold, arctic conditions. His diving adventures range from underwater infiltrations to complex operations with small teams in remote areas. He emphasizes the importance of independence and the ability to make quick decisions in unforeseen circumstances.

In addition to his military career, Theo became a diving instructor and advanced freediving instructor. His love for diving was further sparked in Cambodia and Curaçao, where he started teaching. Theo strives to share his passion for the underwater world and emphasizes the importance of being aware of the risks associated with diving.

He has a penchant for both scuba and freediving, each for different reasons. While scuba diving brings him into contact with marine life, freediving offers a chance for inner peace and focus. Theo is also passionate about the Caribbean part of the Netherlands, especially Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, where he has favorite dive sites for both scuba and free diving.

His two children also grew up in the water and are now both certified in scuba and freediving. Theo works for a well-known Italian diving brand and is committed to improving the diving industry, with a focus on sustainability and accessibility for younger generations.

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