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Sjouke Brunia
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This is what you can expect

Inspiration, information and interaction – that's what it's all about at the Theme Table at the DuikeninBeeld stand.

You're watching TV and you think, 'hey, that's underwater.' There is a good chance that Sjouke Brunia played a role in the recordings. He tells more about it at the Theme Table.

Mistake, thanks!
In films, a lot changes from the first screenplay to the result in the cinema. Everything to create a beautiful story and a beautiful experience.

In the script phase, the story can be adapted without too much effort. Adjusting during or after the recordings is much more difficult and expensive. Yet it happens regularly.
Recordings go wrong, the weather is bad, or in the final editing (which often takes months) it turns out that dialogues or storylines or even complete characters are better left out.

This time we're talking about the bumpy road from idea to finished product. Anecdotes about scenes that need to be shot again, about great underwater images that simply don't make it to your screen. It's called 'Kill your darlings'… Leaving out the most beautiful parts for a better film.
We once again have unique 'behind the scenes' images and stories from 2 films, a commercial and 3 TV programs/series. And of course a sneak preview with underwater images that you can expect later this year.

Shooting underwater images is also a profession in itself for the film world. Failure is not an option. Preparation is everything. Sjouke has now built up a lot of experience with a permanent camera team. From training actors to building underwater sets. He shows what is involved at the Theme Table using film footage and photos.

Bring on your questions! Sjouke has plenty of stories to tell!

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Sjouke Brunia

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