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Restoring corals - what can you do?

Pim van Schendel
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This is what you can expect

inspiration, information and interaction – that's what the theme table at the DuikeninBeeld stand is all about.

Corals are being restored all over the world. And you can help in many places. Pim van Schendel and Erik Huigen will discuss it with you at the Theme Table. And maybe you can also restore a piece of coral there?

Coral is vital to the underwater ecosystem. But not everywhere the coral is doing well – human activity and global warming are simply not conducive to healthy nature. That's why coral restoration projects are being set up all over the world – Bonaire, Kenya and Indonesia, to name just a few examples. And you can help with many of these projects.

Pim van Schendel is involved in coral restoration as part of an Ocean Gardener project in North Sulawesi. Once fully grown, farmed coral is released onto parts of the reef that are less likely to thrive. This gives the reef a boost again. That takes time, but after a few months you can already see the progress.
Erik Huigen gives Coral Reef Restoration courses in the Netherlands. We hear you thinking... in the Netherlands? Yes! He gained experience and became an instructor in Kenya and he now transfers his knowledge and skills in the water of Vinkeveen and in the diving tower in Den Helder. Of course not with the aim of growing 'real' corals in the Netherlands, but to prepare divers who go to a foreign project, and for anyone who is interested.
At the Theme Table, Pim and Erik will talk to you about coral restoration and you can ask them all your questions. And if you have experience with coral restoration yourself and would like to share your story, you are also very welcome.

By the way, you can also practice a bit at the Theme Table. Nice is not it?

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