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Nanja Van Den Broek
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inspiration, information and interaction – that's what the theme table at the DuikeninBeeld stand is all about.
With one breath underwater... do you dare? It has its advantages! Nanja van den Broek takes you into the world of freediving and breathing at the Theme Table.

Freediving, diving on one breath, it gives you an ultimate feeling of freedom. Nanja van den Broek takes you into the world of freediving at the Theme Table at DuikeninBeeld. She has trained many freedivers in the Netherlands and made her mark in the world of freediving, she even set a world record.

Nanja will tell you more about this relaxing sport that has many different disciplines and offers so many possibilities. She will give you useful tips and show you at the Theme Table that with a few breathing techniques you can hold your breath for longer again - you will be amazed at yourself! Moreover... the techniques of freediving are also a solution in everyday life (for example in a stressful situation).

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Nanja Van Den Broek

WORLD RECORD 130 METERS Judith Van de Griendt and Nanja van den Broek together run a freediving school in the Amsterdam area, Enker. Nanja is a well-known name in the sport with 30 Dutch records and a Variable Weight world record. She descended to 130 meters in one breath and swam up under her own power. They provide freediving training all year round. From introductions, training from beginners to advanced, specialties and instructor training. Judith Van de Griendt is an award-winning underwater photographer. She likes to contribute to nature conservation. She prefers to photograph freediving using natural light. The photos can be ordered via the website. www.judithvandegriendt.com www.enker.nl

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