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Nature art: a different view of sea animals

Mick Otten
Fjordia lineata Striped flabellina White-striped fan snail



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This is what you can expect

He considers the sea animals that photographer and visual artist Mick Otten shows at exhibitions, art routes and the like to be nature art in themselves, but Mick adds a lot to it through the black background, specific compositions and sometimes montages. How does he work?

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Mick Otten

Mick has been a photographic designer, freelance photographer and visual artist since 2007. He focuses on nature and city photography and makes autonomous work.
Mick photographs marine animals on the coast, on his weekly diving trips and at home. He turns it into nature art by removing these sea animals from their natural environment: he captures them on a black background to emphasize their eccentric shapes and beautiful colors. Photographing small animals separately from their environment is not very easy underwater, so he collects them to photograph them at home. Then the animals regain their freedom. So they are all photos of living animals.

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February 1, 2025 from 10am - 6pm

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