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The Wild North Sea: a new adventure

Klaudie Bartelink



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In 2018, Peter and Klaudie decided to raise the bar even higher and approached the Evangelische Omroep with the pitch plan De Wilde Noordzee. The aim was to show the beauty and diversity of the North Sea, in contrast to the gray and cloudy image that many people have of it. Together with Jan Kooyman (independently experienced TV director) and Ignas van Schaick and Mark Verkerk from EMS FILMS, they shape the stories. The Wild North Sea tells the impressive stories of salmon migrating in the waters of Denmark, to the awe-inspiring basking sharks that inhabit Scottish waters. The makers take viewers on the adventure of guillemots hunting sand eels and let them discover the vast fields of seaweed. The Wild North Sea shows viewers a new side of the sea, a world full of astonishing beauty and diversity. Klaudie is convinced that this project will drastically change the perception of the North Sea and inspire people to appreciate and even cherish this unique natural treasure.
In the film, Peter takes the audience to an unknown world. The film not only contains beautiful underwater nature images, but also stories of seabirds in their natural environment. Some inspiring nature restoration projects have been depicted, where dedicated researchers are working to restore the balance in this ecosystem. Peter realized the birds and the work of the researchers in collaboration with the talented camera director Dick Harrewijn. In addition, camera assistants, editors, interns, a composer, a distributor, a sound designer and many more people are involved in the media project. Together they strive to visualize the North Sea and reveal it to the general public, thereby growing appreciation for the unique beauty of the North Sea. Underwater photographer Joost van Uffelen regularly accompanies trips abroad and his photos are used to promote the project. Peter, Joost and Klaudie are working on a book for the film. This book will be available from September 2024.
This year is extremely special for Peter and Klaudie. The film, The Wild North Sea, nature that cannot be tamed, premieres. The premiere will take place on September 7, 2024 at the Film by the Sea festival in Vlissingen, after which the film will be shown a few days later in cinemas throughout the Netherlands. The four-part TV series will be broadcast by the EO in early 2025.

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Diver Klaudie Bartelink

Klaudie Bartelink

Klaudie Bartelink loves adventure, nature and especially the sea. She develops initiatives to draw attention to underwater nature. She is co-founder of Stichting Duik de Noordzee Schoon and Onderwaterbeeld.nl. Her charity projects have an educational, practical and visual character. For these projects she films, produces documentaries, video clips and books. Everything to make the invisible underwater nature visible to a wide audience. Klaudie has a professional diving certificate and is therefore allowed to film on assignment. Her first North Sea documentary, called The Live Bait Squadron, was about three impressive English cruisers: the Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy.

Together with Peter van Rodijnen, she is the driving force behind Dutch Maritime Productions. This year is extremely special for Peter and Klaudie. Their film, The Wild North Sea, nature that cannot be tamed, will premiere on September 7, 2024 at the Film by the Sea festival in Vlissingen.

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