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Filming underwater, how much fun is it?

Jeroen Thoolen
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This is what you can expect

Inspiration, information and interaction – that's what it's all about at the Theme Table at the DuikeninBeeld stand.
Filming underwater! How much fun is it to record your dive? Underwater filmmaker Jeroen Thoolen gives you tips & tricks to make a fun clip, reel or film. Join us, join the conversation and ask questions!

Filming underwater… it's hot! It can be done in so many ways – from a photo camera that you can also use to film, to action cameras and even a smartphone that you can take with you underwater. But filming alone is not enough. How do you make a film, reel or clip that people enjoy watching?

Let's just say it straight… whether it's capturing footage, making a full-length movie or posting a quick clip to social media, there's no one way to do it. Some people do it extensively with a complete set with all the bells and whistles, others only have a GoPro with them.
Underwater filmmaker Jeroen Thoolen will discuss underwater filming and editing with filming guests and you. And you will see, everyone does it differently, perhaps very differently than you. A lively conversation about underwater filming takes place at the Theme Table, where you too can give tips and ask questions about all aspects of filming. In short, the Theme Table marks the start of your new film, reel or video clip – and no, it doesn't matter whether you're just starting out or have already made many films.

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Jeroen Thoolen

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