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Technical diving: where do you start?

Ferry Schram
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This is what you can expect

Inspiration, information and interaction – that's what it's all about at the Theme Table at the DuikeninBeeld stand.
Wreck diving, deep diving, maybe cave diving? Do you want to take the path of technical diving? Ricardo ten Kortenaar and Ferry Schram will tell you more about it at the Theme Table.

Technical diving (or tech diving or tek diving) is a very broad concept! In short, they are dives that exceed the limits and guidelines of recreational diving. You can think of deep dives, diving in wrecks or caves and diving with other breathing gas mixtures. These are often dives where you cannot ascend directly to the surface. With training, procedures, discipline and the right materials, it is all possible.

Do not freak out! You really don't have to do everything (immediately). With training you always go one step further. You learn and improve your skills and after each step you can choose whether to take a special direction. Ricardo ten Kortenaar and Ferry Schram, both instructors, will tell you at the Theme Table everything you want to know about technical diving - how to get started, what you need, what options you have after an entry-level technical training, etc. And even more fun , they can tell you wonderful stories about the technical dives they make themselves.

What do you think? Is it something for you? Please join us and ask your questions to Ricardo and Ferry. If you are already a technical diver and you have tips for others or great experiences, you are also very welcome at the Theme Table.

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