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Diving safety - How visible are you under and above water?

Bas Poelmann
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Inspiration, information and interaction – that's what it's all about at the Theme Table at the DuikeninBeeld stand.
Do you ever think about whether you can see clearly under and above water? For your own safety and that of other water users? Bas Poelmann will talk to you here at the Theme Table – safety comes first, right?

How visible are you? Ask the average diver and he will say: 'My buddy can see me underwater and vice versa'. Important, but visibility goes much further than that!

Ask yourself: “How visible am I to other water users?” Because believe us, a black cover on the water surface that is also hidden from view by the movement of the water is a risk. Safety expert and diving instructor Bas Poelmann knows how important it is that you are visible above and below water, and also sees that it does not get the attention it deserves in many diving courses.

He will discuss this with you at the Theme Table. He talks about the risks, but especially how to minimize those risks. And this can be done in many ways – materials, training and a large chunk of common sense are indispensable. And a short quiz might make it even clearer how safely you use the water. By the way, he is very curious about how you and others do that – would you like to join us?

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Bas Poelmann

Bas Poelmann started diving in 1993 and is now a CCR Full Trimix diver. In daily life, Bas provides Emergency Response and crisis management training to professionals in the offshore and shipping industry.

He provides tech diving training from TDI, from Intro to Tech to Trimix training and DPV specialties. Bas specializes in North Sea wreck diving with his own speed
RIB the Black Marlin, Sea survival training for divers and water sports enthusiasts, and the Masterclass decompression theory. For more information about wreck diving and tech diving training, visit www.tech diving.com.

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