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Paradise Bonaire 'tasting' at Duikvaker

The Laman

“Cosiness, warmth, a relaxed atmosphere and lots of (diving) fun!” Bonaire has been one of the most popular diving destinations for years. During Duikvaker on 6 and 7 February 2016 you will experience a little why. You can taste Bonaire on the special Bonaireplein. What to do and see, and why you should definitely visit, says Debby Rauwers on behalf of BONHATA (Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association).

Diving on Bonaire is unique in the world. You have diving freedom there. “And once you've experienced that once, you'll never want anything else!” says Rauwers enthusiastically. She explains: “The convenience of unlimited shore diving. Go diving when you want, where you want, for how long you want and with whomever you want…. The many beautiful dive sites are marked with yellow stones along the way. And if there is already a car -busy!!- then you just go to the next place. You put your things on and around from the back of your pick-up truck. You walk into the water and enjoy a beautiful dive in 28 degrees of water, with virtually no current and with at least thirty meters visibility. But for those who prefer to dive by boat, Bonaire also offers many options. ”

Taste of Bonaire
“Cosiness, warmth, casual atmosphere and lots of (diving) fun!” That is in short what Bonaire stands for, according to Rauwers. You will find that on Bonaireplein. “Various Bonaire accommodations and diving schools are present in a 'Taste of Bonaire'-like setting: you can taste Bonaire as it were. In the middle of the square we provide extra fun with local snacks, drinks and music!”

You will find suitable diving schools and accommodation for every budget and every wish. The accommodations are fully equipped for divers and offer attractive packages with car rental (read: pick-up !) and unlimited shore diving. The diving schools offer a state-of-the-art range of courses and interesting diving packages. “Bonaire also has plenty to offer for non-diving partners.” Rauwers adds. Also take a look at the BONHATA website www.ilovebonaire.com.

dive week
Of course, not only the experience, but also the wallet is considered at Duikvaker. Because, says Rauwers: “All participants have special Duikvaker offers. You can also find information about the Bonaire DiveWeek: a wonderful week on Bonaire with a great activity program at a very competitive price.” More information at www.bonairediveweek.nl.

See you on 6 and 7 February 2016 in the EXPO Houten: Duikvaker, bon bini on the Bonaireplein!

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