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What music goes well with underwater video productions? That question has haunted me since I produced my first underwater video. Image and sound go together. Think about your favorite feature film and imagine it without music, would it still appeal to you just as much? Music is also an indispensable element in underwater videos.

Important with underwater videos is that the music is supportive, without demanding attention. The music should fit in well with the images and the atmosphere of the video and it should also emphasize the emotion that certain images evoke. This has been shown, among other things, from research that I conducted for my education.

I find it striking that little attention is still paid to the music that is placed under underwater videos. Often a random song is put under a beautiful film, which lowers the quality and appreciation of that film.
Besides my passion for diving, my musical background (I came into contact with music at a young age) and education (I completed two studies at the Artez conservatory in Enschede) were the reasons that I started producing music for underwater videos myself. I do this under the name SamudraVisions. This music is free for everyone to use, for both hobby and commercial purposes, and can be found at www.samudravisions.bandcamp.com.

During my presentation I will tell and explain more about the choices I make when producing my music and how these choices have emerged from my research. I'm going to tell, show and let you hear how I work in composing and producing music and how I have specialized over the years as a composer and producer for underwater film music. After my presentation you will not be able to watch underwater videos without hearing and experiencing the music!

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