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OCEAN REEF takes diving to the next level with Neptune III

OCEAN REEF brengt duiken naar een hoger niveau met Neptune III

Diving with a full face mask is being discovered by more and more divers and seen as an extremely comfortable and, above all, safe way of diving. After all, you can breathe naturally through your nose and mouth while the visor does not fog up, no water leaks into your mask, you no longer have a dry mouth, you can enjoy an incredibly wide field of view and you no longer have the risk that the regulator may fall out of your mouth. These are just some of the benefits of diving with an OCEAN REEF full face mask system. 

After 18 years of success with the trusted NEPTUNE SPACE model, OCEAN REEF is now introducing the NEPTUNE III in 2021. A new mask with significant improvements based on years of experience in manufacturing full face mask systems for recreational, commercial and military use. 

Some features of the new NEPTUNE III are: 

  • A new design of the internal breathing mask and visor has reduced the total volume by no less than 15%. Because the visor is closer to your face and the regulator is shaped differently, your field of view is increased with 10%. This also reduces the positive buoyancy of the mask by 13%. 
  • An updated balanced regulator, which is placed vertically in the mask, smoothly provides the diver with sufficient air at any desired depth. The regulator performs no less than 33% better in breathing comfort compared to the NEPTUNE SPACE. This exceeds the EN250 standard with 25%.
  • The position of the combined inhalation diaphragm and exhaust valve prevents FREE-flow when you bend your head forward or hang upside down. This makes the adjusting screw, which is normally located on the left side of the machine, unnecessary. The breathing characteristics of the regulator remain the same at every position. 
  • Dive-Predive The siphon still allows you to influence the internal airflow. 
  • The improved fit of the internal respirator reduces dead space and provides an even better seal around the nose and mouth.
  • The regulator is easy to remove from the mask itself by an OCEAN REEF Level 1 technician. As a result, the mask no longer needs to be completely disassembled during maintenance, which makes maintenance more efficient. This makes it even possible to exchange a regulator to continue diving with your own mask. 
  • A soft rubber bubble track guide and flush button gives the NEPTUNE III a robust appearance and ensures that the mask can take a beating. 
  • A renewed Surface Air Valve allows the surface diver to breathe ambient air without fogging up the mask and prevents water from seeping in if you forget to close the valve when descending underwater. 

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