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The latest underwater photography techniques

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Nice people, interesting topics at the DuikeninBeeld theme tables on Duikvaker! Join underwater photographer Ron Offermans and learn more about the latest techniques in underwater photography.

Underwater photographer Ron Offermans, author of the Handbook of digital underwater photography and creator of the Dynamic photo exhibition on the DuikeninBeeld stand, will tell you more about the latest techniques for underwater photographers at Duikvaker 2018. Depending on the time, a number of topics will be reviewed:

Focus bracketing, Focus stacking, Live composite and Pro capture

The technical possibilities of photo and video equipment are becoming so great that the dividing line between these two techniques is almost disappearing. For example, techniques such as Focus bracketing, Focus stacking, Live composite and Pro capture are mainly due to the large number of images per second with which a camera can now capture a situation.

Flash light or video lighting with LED flash

New techniques may mean that flash units can no longer keep up with the camera. That is probably why flashes have had their day and LED lighting is the future. LED flashes are also on the rise.

ISO invariance

Shooting sensors are also getting better and better, increasing the dynamic range of cameras. You can take full advantage of this by considering how ISO invariant your camera is and how to take that into account during exposure.

New optical techniques

The optical part of photography was also still developing. Finally, the use of lenses under water is really taken into account.

At the theme table it will be explained how you can optimally use all these techniques in practice.

Saturday 1.30 pm
sunday 3 p.m.

At the booth of DuikeninBeeld

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