Monty Halls and his team visit Marsa Shagra

In January we hosted popular British TV Presenter and Dive Journalist Monty Halls with his team on site in Marsa Shagra to do some technical training before starting work on a new TV series in the UK. The project, to be revealed later this year, required him to complete advanced CCR training consisting of various deep dives on the Marsa Shagra House Reef and a trip to the world famous Arch at Elphinstone Reef which is just 20 minutes by zodiac from Marsa Shagra.

Monty was joined by Andy Torbet (extreme diver, climber, kayaker, adventurer, TV presenter and author) his instructor Rich Stevenson, and Oonas Divers technical advisor Paul Brown.

Monty said 'it's the perfect environment to learn I think, because it's very relaxed, very laid back, very convenient as well…you've got a 5ft walk to the sea then you're right on the edge of the reef straight away. For us with the kit we're using, the logistics and the weight of the gear it's an absolutely spot-on location.'

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