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Join the Navy on Duikvaker!


The Defense Diving Group will again be present at Duikvaker this year, on April 2 and 3 in Expo Houten. 

Defense Diving Group
The Defense Diving Group carries out diving operations and clears explosives under water. These Navy divers also repair submerged vessels and check ports for possible explosives
The divers, who are not only deployed for military but also for civilian tasks, use various types of diving systems. They dive with Scuba, but for more complex tasks semi-closed and closed rebreathers are used or the diver is supplied with air from the surface. In addition, the Defense Diving Group also makes frequent use of ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles) or the REMUS (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). 

Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show
On Duikvaker, the team shows various materials with which they dive. They can also answer all your questions about diving in the Navy. 

Divers will swim around in the diving tank for part of the day, but there are also demonstrations with the ROV and there is the opportunity to drive an ROV yourself.

VSW navigator
VSW navigator

Want to become a marine diver yourself?

You can find information about the training program at the stand of the Defense Diving Group. A unique opportunity for citizens because it is the first time that you can directly enter the diving training of the Navy. Previously, this was only possible if you had already worked in the navy for several years.

What are you going to do
You will work as a diver in one of the specialist diving teams of the Defense Diving Group (DDG). These teams consist of 6 to 7 diving specialists and are stationed in Den Helder. Each of these teams has its own specialism. 

So come to April 2 and 3 Duikvaker: The Dutch Dive Show and let yourself be informed about the possibilities at the Defense Diving Group.

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